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Refrigerator assembly

One, recruitment:

Line production and assembly 60

Two, job requirements: at least 16-40 years of age, gender and education level is not limited to physical health, can bear hardships and stand hard work

Three, post salary: operator piecework wages, work overtime to calculate additionally, pay 1800 yuan -2200 yuan, is not capped

Four: benefits:

1, not on the night shift, working 8-10 hours a day;

2, free of charge to provide work meals, work clothes;

3 free shuttle bus, field staff free accommodation;

4, buy social insurance;

5, holiday packs and cash payment, send cooling fee and cold drinks in summer;

6, the full year of the end of the year award 1000-2000 yuan;

7, every year the increase of seniority pay 30 yuan / month, full attendence award 50 yuan per month;

8, provide good learning and training opportunities, promotion space;

9, foreign workers to work after the Spring Festival for reimbursement of travel expenses;

10, the annual organization of outstanding staff travel, etc.

Registration form: carry ID card and a copy of 2, 1 inch recent photo 2, to the company administrative building on the third floor of the building

Handling procedures, the candidates provided by the information, the company will be kept confidential and will not be refunded.

Company address: Anhui Province Hefei Xinzhan Industrial Park of the Tuo River Road No. 6 (ride 121, 139, 25, 683 bus can arrive at Anhui Ouli Industrial Park)

Contact phone: 64456205 contact: Mr. Wang (18055152740)

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