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Hefei new station comprehensive development pilot area

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  The geographical position is advantageous. The new station pilot area located at Hefei's northeastern part, the close neighbor Hefei central area, the municipal transportation main yang or male principle puts on the area. The Hefei railroad passenger station, the host freight station, the marshalling yard as well as the Anhui Province automobile passenger transportation junction station, the Anhui Province postal service key position and so on is located in the area, the good communications, the geographical superiority is obvious. The new station pilot area depends on the Hefei city main yang or male principle fast company to join wu, gathers Ningxia, to gather Xu, to gather Fu, to gather peaceful and the around the city highway, the railroad by the Huai southern line, the Anhui and Jiangxi line, gathers nine and rather the west line and the Shanghai Chinese hibiscus high speed track line constitution extending in all directions road network, forms the Hefei external communication the core area.

  Business service industry happy prosperous. In recent years, the new station pilot area insisted take the scientific development concept as the instruction, rests on the advantageous geographical superiority, develops the modern service industry vigorously, “business circle economy” has become the new station pilot area primarily by the professional market pattern the brand and the characteristic. Anhui first “SHOPPING MALL” - - Yuan one time square, the Anhui clothing first street - - station road ahead light industry clothing professional market, a Hefei first five-star hotel - - Hefei Yuan Hilton Hotel is typical representative. The new station pilot area has gathered retail trade giants and so on world 500 strong Wal-Mart, Carefour, has constructed the professional market which the Anhui big market, the state furniture market, the good US building materials supermarket, Anhui international automobile city, the white horse clothing city and so on one batch are some scale, has become area of the Hefei hundred million Yuan above professional market centralism. in October, 2008 total area reaches 167,000 square meter Hefei letter red star US triumphant dragon to live at the life experience square as well as Hefei first “the brand discount shop” - the Anhui Kyes luxuriant market starts doing business successively. Under the business industry boost, the new station pilot area's logistics can also the rapidly expand, the Hefei Customs land route go nonstop to-like supervision completion and use, Guangzhou treasure and so on domestic well-known industry physical distribution necessary service provider moves into for the physical distribution group, the new station pilot area business which industry day by day is prosperous has pushed to a recent development high tide.

  The new industry develops fast. Compares with the Hefei other county area, the new station pilot area's industry start is late. since 2004, the pilot area closely “the industry has set up the city” regarding Hefei and “three big advancements” the strategy, enlarges the expand industry unceasingly dynamics, has drawn up the expand industry related special operational policy measures promptly, insisted the new industrialization path, the conformity entire district existing industry economy resources, carry on the adjustment plan to the industrial park, the key cultivation modern electrical industry and the new material industry two big industries, have pulled open “the industry strong area” the development act drop. At present, take the happy triumphant industry garden, the treasure industry housing industrial production base, the Poore Germany medical service timber wood and so on new material electrical appliances enterprises and so on industry project and honored electric appliance, Anhui Only Electronic Co., Ltd. as representative, has formed the characteristic industry colony and the superiority industry colony's pattern initially. in April, 2009, the total investment 17,500,000,000 Yuan Hefei Beijing East six generation of line projects settle down in the new station area and the operation construction officially, symbolizes that the new station area entered for one brand-new time on the industrial development path. Take this as the turning point, the pilot area establishes has made the new station the nation most important, necessary most complete, to have the international competitiveness and the influence panel display Industrial base development mentality.

  The look forward to the future, the pilot area will continue to insist that take the scientific development concept as the instruction, realizes “three making” diligently the goal: Makes the Chinese panel display Industrial base, the making state-level development zone, to make Hefei to be strongest the comprehensive function newly developed area, completes finally the new station area by “the new industry, modern service industry” the industrial new city primarily.


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