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Fat west electrical appliances industry scenery alone good

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  The fat west electrical appliances industry garden located at the peach blossom industry garden development area scope, is 100,000,000,000 big peach blossom industry tectonic plate's important component, the plan area 1.5 square kilometers, is Hefei “141” the strategy plans the southwest group core area, its close neighbor high and new zone and after opens the area 2 big state-level development zones, the transportation is convenient, the human resources are rich. It depends on the peach blossom industry garden, Taohua Town, the new industry garden, the cypress batardeau science and technology garden as well as the Hsin Kang industry garden, develops the electrical appliances industry vigorously. At present the standard strength electric appliance (Hefei) the production base, the beautiful industry garden, industrial gardens and so on Haire, Rong Shida, Mei Ling, Sanyo and the Export base, as well as the Chinese light industry 500 strong first 4 strong China · prosperous sign group and Oaks, projects and so on Zhuhai honest standing grain electronic technology settle down in the electrical appliances industry garden one after another. The industry garden's electrical appliances industry system forms basically, the industrial structure is day by day reasonable, had already formed coordinated process industry chain patterns and so on electrical appliances manufacture, production, sale, existing electrical appliances necessary and related enterprise 113, has completed 11, is constructing 19. The plan five years, the electrical appliances industry garden will depend on the big peach blossom industry tectonic plate next, will work as one, for the investor, the pioneer will provide the best investment environment and the best investment service, will make Anhui biggest electrical appliances industry garden with all one's strength.

  Investment well-loved place implication potential

  The industrial development needs the superiority, the fat west electrical appliances industry garden has three big unique superiority.

  First, geographical superiority. East Feixi County according to the lakeside new town, north the Hefei high and new zone, after opens the area, the technical model district and the government affairs culture newly developed area continually, is integrates the Hefei economic cycle the important region, is coastal industry gradient shift and so on Zhujiang Delta, long triangle best platforms. The Feixi County transportation is convenient, 206 federal highways, 312 federal highways put on the boundary; Rather west, gathers nine, gathers the military railroad, gathers Ningxia, the Shanghai hibiscus to be high speed, lets fat west integrate the long triangle quietly; Pudong, Hongqiao, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuxi, airports and so on Luo Gang, ring-like connecting rod fat west; But is situated west the fat Gao Liu the Hefei new bridge international airport which constructs, also has increased a dual flight for the fat west to the outside world strong wing. Was being constructed the lakeside new town to cause fat west to realize has reached dream of the sea near lake Tongjiang.

  Second, industrial superiority. In the 1980s, take Mei Ling and Rong Shida as representative's local enterprise growth was gradually two big well-known brands, the Mei Ling refrigerator, the Rong Shida washer output has wished luck on moving to a new home national same profession first three. Since the mid-90s, Haire, US, Hua Ling, Sanyo, the rainbow, the Gree, Only and so on big enterprise has moved into, forms fuses, the communal development industrial pattern mutually with the local enterprise. This year, the rainbow, US, the standard strength, electrical appliances enterprises and so on Only go into production one after another, also gave the electrical appliances industry to increase the vigor. It is estimated that to 2010, the Hefei electrical appliances industry accumulation invests above 20,000,000,000 Yuan, the total output value will top 100,000,000,000 Yuan. The electrical appliances will become the Hefei 100,000,000,000 Yuan industries. The Feixi County making electrical appliances industry garden, is to speed up the electrical appliances industry colony to construct, integrates the Hefei three 100,000,000,000 Yuan industry plans on own initiative, the strengthened leadership product status. Moved into the Feixi County Taohua Town domestic standard strength electric appliance ahead of time (Hefei) the production base, US's industry garden, is apart from the Chang An electrical appliances industry garden insufficient 2 kilometers, but tightens near the fat west industrial gardens and so on Haire, Rong Shida, Mei Ling, Sanyo and the Export base, is apart from the Chang An electrical appliances industry garden not to surpass 5 kilometers. The necessary ultra short distance, was the fat west electrical appliances industry garden development has increased the powerful stamina.

  Third, policy superiority. Feixi County which is as close as lips and teeth with the provincial capital, integrates new Hefei on own initiative, to give settles down in the fat west electrical appliances industry garden the project to provide the first-class service, take “for all projects, for project all” as the objective, has set up the service window specially, the definite specialist, to project initiating a project, the land requests authorization, the plan newspaper to construct, the landing construction, the industry and commerce tax registration and so on to carry on is responsible for, the follow-up service specifically. Especially the plan, the land, the environmental protection, the fire prevention, construct Functional departmentses and so on tube to implement the highly effective examination, assigns the specialist, the follow-up service, and carries out handles a matter on the spot, the absence default, the time limit to settle and so on systems. At the same time, but also chooses one group of capable personnel from the Department concerned, enriches manages the instruction work to the project advancement, is responsible to supervise the service coordinated project as soon as possible operation construction specially, urges the project to fall to the ground early, to go into production early, is early effective.

  The scientific progress tendency is strong

  in 1991, located at Hefei western suburbs' Feixi County Taohua Town, borrowed is adjoining after opens the area, the high and new zone two big state-level development zone geographical superiority, integrated the Hefei industry garden on own initiative, founded own electrical appliances industry garden, take the Chang An electrical appliances industry garden as a main item, sped up the electrical appliances industry colony to construct, strengthened leadership product status. At present, the campus economy movement is good, big project catalytic nature, in constructs 50,000,000 Yuan above project 28, invests the overall scale to amount to 3,500,000,000 Yuan, the big project's fast construction has drawn the campus investment swift growth. At the same time, goes to the country, along with the electrical appliances policies as well as the municipal party committee, the municipal government and so on automobile industry recovery reward policy releasing which grows about the promotion enterprise, impelled to construct the project enormously the advancement.

  Take the standard strength, US, the Great Wall refrigerate as the main item, the core product for the domestic electric appliances four big-ticket items, as well as the kitchen health electrical appliances (electric boiler, electricity cooker, electricity wok, electricity canteen, electricity gas tank, ventilator, bath tyrant) the complete machine and matches the suite, and extends to the information product aspect. Traces the market demand tendency, the development develops the new domain, accelerates to introduce numerical code product manufacturing enterprises and so on notebook, disc machine, server, liquid-crystal display, liquid crystal, network communication.

  The element of certainty which still exists facing 2009, the electrical appliances industry garden mentality is clear. It is reported that this campus will implement firmly this year “guarantees the growth presses the development” the request, displays campus own superiority fully, incurs the big business, directs the famous business, strives for to introduce, to cultivate more big projects, the good project, strengthens the stamina unceasingly, through force advancement attracting investments, completes the campus construction, to speed up the adjustment campus industrial structure, the careful establishment key project prominently, to try to improve aspect and so on service environment endeavors, guaranteed that completes at the beginning of the year the definite goal task, continues to guarantee in the county territory economy the leading position.

  Forecast prospect light

  Hefei is the electrical appliances, has the electrical appliances and necessary enterprise more than 500, has the standard strength, Haire, US, Hua Ling, Mei Ling, Rong Shida, Sanyo and so on a large quantities of electrical appliances Production enterprise, the annual production surpasses 30,000,000,000 Yuan, holds the nation 20% market share, the refrigerator, the washer, air conditioning, the color television four big-ticket item output values occupies national 3rd. The electrical appliances necessary industry is Feixi County supports one of with emphasis industrial, the main backing is situated in Feixi County's standard strength electric appliance (Hefei) the Limited company, US's industry garden.

  “25” period, Hefei adopts the positive development strategy, promotes the industrial scale comprehensively, constructs the domestic and foreign important electrical appliances Industrial base Hefei. First, the strengthened leadership product status, develops four big leading products vigorously: The refrigerator, the washer, the television, the air conditioning, in 2010, strive for the refrigerator output to reach 14,000,000, the washer output reach 13,000,000, the television output reach 8,000,000, the air conditioning output reach 8,000,000. Next, the expanded complete set of products scale of production, develops the electrical appliances core to match the suite vigorously, extends the industrial chain, expands the electrical appliances to match the suite productivity, in 2010, the refrigerator and air conditioning compressor output 18,000,000, washer electrical machinery 10,000,000, necessary rate reach 80% with the main engine. Third, develops the small electrical appliances vigorously, gives priority to the environmental protection, the energy conservation small household electrical appliances product, the kitchen health electric appliance product, the room electric appliance product, the work electric appliance product as well as other small household electrical appliances product, in 2010 must realize each kind of small household electrical appliances total quantity to reach 12,000,000.

  According to the professional analyzes, because the electrical appliances go to the country as well as by exchange old the policy impetus, lets the entire refrigerator profession benefit greatly. Looking from the present irritable situation, along with conserves energy Huimin, by the old exchanging work further advancement, in 2009 the second half of the year's refrigerator market was still worth anticipating. The Mei Ling refrigerator enterprise is related the person in charge to be confident indicated that so long as continues maintains such trend of development, in 2009 the second half of the year's report card can be attractive equally. In convened the other day the national industry and at the informationization domain electrical appliances going to the country work experience meeting, the labor letter department, the Ministry of Finance concerned people in charge disclosed that to cause the electrical appliances to go to the country the policy to make a better progress, the Department concerned is fermenting to the electrical appliances to go to the country the policy to make the adjustment, goes to the country to the electrical appliances to cancel limits the price high has become the conclusion, this means that to the electrical appliances industry will be a peak.

  Statistics indicated that up to present, settles down in Feixi County's electrical appliances main engine enterprise to have 2, respectively is the standard strength electric appliance (Hefei) the Limited company, US's industry garden, necessary enterprise 28, 5 settle down in the peach blossom industry garden, 11 settle down in Taohua Town, 4 settle down in small Miao Town. Obviously, the Feixi County development electrical appliances (necessary) the industrial space is very broad.

  In recent years, Feixi County caught the opportunity, implemented “industry strong county” vigorously the strategy, proposed explicitly wanted “closely to hold Hefei to make China and even the world biggest electrical appliances made of a opportunity bases, the construction, developed the electrical appliances necessary industry garden” the development mentality, grasped tightly develops “the Hefei economic cycle”, “to gather wu the freshwater mussel independent innovation synthesis coordinated reforms pilot area”, “the Wanjiang city belt contract industry shifted the model district” the historic opportunity vigorously, carried on the key support to the electrical appliances industry, enlarged unceasingly to the electrical appliances industry necessary cultivation dynamics, greeted well-known brand US on own initiative the industry garden and the standard strength electric appliance (Hefei) enterprises and so on production baseThe radiation, through the plan adjustment, the project cleaning up, the perfect facility and so on, makes Anhui biggest electrical appliances industry garden with all one's strength, develops a broad platform for Feixi County territory economy's fast soaring.


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