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Home appliances industrial cluster effect

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  On 9.6 million square kilometers land map of China, Home appliances industrial cluster formed by Qingdao, Shunde, Hefei, Chengdu etc. has performed its effect and promoted local industrial structure indirectly.

  Home appliances industrial cluster not only increases comprehensive competition, but enhances cooperation between enterprises. Under policy support and favorable investment environment, the cities such as Qingdao, Shunde, Hefei as representative have gradually built their "Area Brand".

  Home appliances manufacturing capacity of Long Triangle Area  and national proportion

  Home appliances manufacturing capacity of Guangdong area and national proportion

  Home appliances manufacturing capacity of Surrounding Bohai Sea area and national proportion

  Data origin: State Statistics Bureau

  Home appliances industrial cluster highlights location phenomenon

  Northeast Italy, American Silicon Valley, German Ruhr, the Japanese Daejeon and Tsukuba and so on, are the world-known technical industry accumulation places, while makes the great contribution to local economy, also leads the local industrial upgrading unceasingly.

  China electronic information industry, is the national economy strategic, foundational and the precursive pillar industry. As the electronic information industry's platoon guide, on the Chinese electrical appliances industry also shoulders heavy responsibility of stimulating local and even the national economy. These years, with Chinese home appliances getting more words power in international market, each region positively  puts out favorable policy attracting home appliances enterprises' investment, home appliances industrial cluster gradually reveals in China.

  Industrial cluster, refers to groups invested by relative enterprises which are in same or similar business together with some agents which offer services. it is the key action to promote regional economy. Charactered by "small companies, wide cooperation; small products, wide market; small groups, important function", industrial cluster leads enterprise innovation and regional competitive power promotion unceasingly, and it becomes the backbone force for region participating market competition.

  As one of people's livelihood industry, home appliances has been paid much attantion to by each government. Each region also positively imitates the way of American Silicon Valley and world-known technical industry accumulation places, trys to built home appliances hign land in China even the world.

  Qingdao is one of the earliest home appliances industrial cluster. After 20 years development, under the leadingship of Haire, Haixin, Aokema, Qingdao home appliances industry cluster already had the suitable scale and its competition  becames unprecedented formidable.

  As world's econimic phenomena, industrial cluster has been significant power promoting regional economy. Along with industrial shift, promotion acceleration and industrial division of labor change, Guangdong and Jiangsu has risen strongly.

  At present , it already formed the long triangle, Zhujiang Delta and the Surrounding Bohai Sea three big industry clusters, which had huge industrial agglomeration effect. Take Guangdong for example, at present it already formed Dongguan as exporting base, Foshan, Zhongshan as manufacturing base and Yue'xi Mao'zhan as economic home appliances production base “three big home appliances industry clusters”。

  These two years, Anhui benefits from Yangtse Delta's economical radiation. At present the area 200 kilometers near the Yangtse River, such as Hefei, Wuhu, Chuzhou, altogether produces each kind of domestic home appliances nearly 20 million pcs, munufacturing capacity of refrigerator and washing machine ranks No.3, and air-conditioner ranks No. 4 in China.

  Each region launches resources competition positively

  Our home appliances industry clusters mainly distributes in the Zhujiang Delta, the Yangtse Delta and the Jiaodong peninsula, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong as representatives. In addition, mid-west areas also has fragmentary distribution. In these area, home appliances not only have big scale of production, but have massive related enterprises, forming complete industrial chain. At begining of  reform and open policy initiated, provinces like Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang held the opportunities, based on preferential policy, rich and inexpensive labor force and land resource, absorbed foreign capital, simultaneously introduced the technology and formed their home appliances industrial clusters. Jiaodong peninsula's industrial cluster was led by domestic brand enterprise.

  In addition, under the government guidance, take has the competitive advantage big enterprise as the core, has established one batch of related profession enterprise, then promoted the necessary industrial development, forms finally can innovate unceasingly in the competition and the promotion industrial colony. With this similar also has the western Mianyang area take the rainbow group as the core electrical appliances industry colony.

  By places electrical appliances products such as the Shunde, Zhongshan sings the sound Guangdong Province electrical appliances industry, at present has the pivotal status in China: The industrial scale China first, scale of production, the market share, the necessary ability, the export amount and so on are situated the Chinese front row, the main product superiority to be prominent, the core enterprise and the famous brand grow, the industry accumulative effect to be obvious rapidly.

  However along with the industrial division of labor's change, the industrial shift tendency's acceleration, labor cost increase which nowadays three big electrical appliances industry colony interior displays with other industrial chain upstream and downstream resources necessary ability weakening, causes its competitive power to assume the decreasing progressively tendency.

  After many year managements, Guangdong Province electrical appliances industry lacks the independent innovation as before consciousness, the worldwide basis brand are few, the enterprise scale of production was still small and so on questions to be very still obvious, these cause Guangdong many year accumulations the industrial superiority to vanish gradually.

  Anhui is closely seizes the industrial reforming promotion opportunity a province, at present has become one of Chinese electrical appliances manufacturing industry main accumulation places, is forming after Zhujiang Delta, the long triangle and the Jiaodong peninsula Chinese electrical appliances industry fourth extremely.

  While carries on the resources competition, these areas to avoid the internal friction, also has developed variation businessmen are invited to open companies. For instance Zhujiang Delta's air-conditioner, electric rice-cooker, microwave oven, electric fan, kitchen small household electrical appliances; The long triangle's air-conditioner, the water dispenser, the electric radiator, the washer, the vacuum cleaner hold the important position in the world scope, has the very strong manufacturing capacity and the cost advantage and so on.

  Is helpful to optimize the local industrial structure

  The colony biggest advantage is can hug the group: Not only benefit bundle, moreover when resists the risk, can also the heart be.

  Anhui Province information industries hall Department Chief He Ling has told "Chinese Electron Newspaper" reporter, reform and open policy 30 for many years, our country electrical appliances industry has formed the more perfect industrial system. Has formed electrical appliances industry colonies initially and so on Shunde, Qingdao, Hefei, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wuhu, Chuzhou, Mianyang.

  After the industrial colony forms, the biggest benefit is may through many kinds of ways, like reduces the cost, the stimulation innovation, to raise the efficiency and so on, promotion entire region competitive ability, and forms one kind of colony competitive power. Outside this kind of new competitive power right and wrong colony and the colony the enterprise is unable to have. That is, in the other condition same situation, the colony will compare the non-colony to have the competitive power. The colony intensified the competition, the competition is the industry obtains the core competitiveness the important power.

  Take Anhui as the example, provincial capital Hefei gathered Mei Ling, Rong Shida, Haire, the rainbow, US, Sanyo, Hua Ling, the standard strength, Ou Li and so on large quantities of domestic and foreign famous enterprises, the product type many, high brand concentration degree, domestic rare, is the national three big electrical appliances which deserved make one of bases; Wuhu has entered and been stationed in strong trend electrical appliances enterprises and so on US, Hitachi, branch dragon, long letter, the home use air-conditioner becomes a dark horse which in recent years the Anhui clique electrical appliances wind left; Chuzhou Bao Na abundant Xihua, Kang Jia, Yangzi, huge, Koth and so on domestic and foreign well-known big enterprise group, Simens refrigerator's high-end quality image prominent middle area industry division of labor characteristic.

  Reporter found that in the Chinese each big electrical appliances industry colony, converged the massive manufacture Processing industry and the spare parts necessary enterprise at present, has formed the formidable industrial colony. Specially the colony superiority's formation in turn promoted the domestic and foreign massive order forms and the investment, objectively strengthened this kind of colony superiority, this to local electrical appliances industrial structure adjustment positive promotion effect. However in this process, also definitely will present the polarization the aspect, some will not adapt the market competition enterprise to withdraw from the market through the different way, but the Leading enterprise will also present a powerhouse stronger aspect.

  Three grand ceremony electrical appliances industry colony

  Qingdao: The fine construction electrical appliances industry gathers the platform

  Take Haire, Haixin, Aokema as representative's electrical appliances regiment, take the lead the endeavor which starts the industrial collection to be assimilated into society. Haire starts as Qingdao to carry on the industrial collection early to be assimilated into society the attempt the enterprise, has constructed a formidable industry to 1998 to gather the platform, only raw material minute achieves more than 2200 for the enterprise.

  Haixin, grasps the technical hatching industry throughout the idea, through own technical research and development strength's enhancement, constructs own industry using the technology platform to gather the platform. Aokema develops one's own style, through to related industry's extending, constructs own industrial empire.

  Is precisely Haire, Haixin, Aokema these three big giants gathers the platform to the industry the careful construction, enabled Qingdao to have a healthy electrical appliances industry ecology chain.

  Shunde: Constructs the most complete electrical appliances industry chain

  The Shunde electrical appliances' development has experienced from the imitation to the introduction again to the innovation long process, the period emerges Rong Sheng, the branch dragon, Wanjiale, US, gland Shi, Chinese well-known trademarks and the famous brand goods and so on Wan He. Shunde is one of the national biggest air-conditioner, the electric refrigerator, the water heater, disinfection kitchen cabinet production bases, as well as global of biggest electric fan, electric cooking pot, microwave oven Support base.

  Shunde is awarded “the Chinese electrical appliances” by the national Department concerned, “the Chinese electrical appliances to make successively the strategic place” and so on titles. At present, from core parts and so on microcomputer controller, compressor, magnetron to the hardware fitting, Shunde has formed our country to be most complete, the maturest electrical appliances industry chain.

  Hefei: Information electrical appliances industry colony embryonic form gradually presently

  In the first half of the year, the Hefei refrigerator, the washer, the color television, the air conditioning four big electrical appliances volume of output respectively reaches 6,790,000, 4,120,000, 1,490,000 and 3,220,000. In the whole city Industrial enterprise total output value 20 strong lists, the electrical appliances enterprise occupies 6.

  Hefei's success, will also lie in “the plate” to take back in the pouch: The Beijing East 6th generation of line begins the project officially; Hefei invested 2,000,000,000 Yuan to introduce the domestic second plasma kneading board production line from Hitachi, will go into production officially in March, 2011; The rainbow Hefei high generation liquid crystal glass foundation plate production line project also makes a final decision in Hefei.


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