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First-phase project completion of 1.2 million refrigerator project

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  Yesterday morning, the first-phase completion ceremony of Only Industrial Park was held on schedule. Provincial and municipal leaders attended the ceremony and made speeches; Vice president of Zhejiang Xiangyuan Investment Group, General director of Only Industrial Park project, President of Anhui Only Electronic Co., Ltd., Mr. Lai Zhilin introduced project situation to the guests.

  Under the strategy of “Industry supports city, Industry promotes city, Industry prospers city” issued by Hefei municipal party committee and government, Xiangyuan Group together with Only Electronic (Hongkong) Company registered Anhui Only Electronic Co., Ltd. and invested Only Industrial Park project in Hefei New Railway Station area. 1.2 million refrigerator project launched on 18th, April and after 180 days hard effort, it has been finished and put into production.

  Only Industrial Park covers an area of 160,000 square meters and will be built within three periods with planned 180,000 square meters construction area. It is designed to annually manufacture 1.2 million refrigerators and wine coolers, 15.7 million motors, 4.8 million refrigerator accessory parts and 2.8 million communication metering instruments. The first-phase project is designed to manufacture refrigerator 600,000-800,000 pcs annually with total output value exceeding 500 million RMB. After all the project finished, the total output value will be 2 billion RMB, it can offer more than 4,000 employment chances.

  The refrigerator and wine cooler products will mainly be exported abroad; The Semi-conductor refrigerator which is “without vibration, low noise, low power consumption” has been new favorite in China.

  Being an extrinsic investment company, Xiangyuan Group has invested more than one billion RMB all around Anhui province, its business ranges from estate, infrastructure construction to investment banking etc


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